Spotlight on #16 : Tomorrow – TMRW

This week we are going to stay in our good ol’ France and present you a Trap band coming from Bordeaux. Here is T.R.M.W. (aka Tomorrow), a trio with 2 DJs and a human Beatbox with already 2000 followers on Soundcloud.

Their slogan is « Do it today, tmrw it might be illegal ».

Everything started in 2013 after a trip to California, when Thomas (Tom Sellers) and Romain (Dj Vex) decided to bring back influences of a musical emerging style : Trap.

Seeing the birth and evolution of this new musical genre, it was with a small lead they could suggest to the local public-exclusive DJ sets, allying the power of Bass Music to the energy of EDM and hip-hop flow. All complemented by live performances, scratch, PADs, etc …

Barely a month after returning from Los Angeles, project ToMoRroW was coming out of the box, and the first live date was signed.

They even became residents of the 2014 season of the“Gangtrap” event AT Respublica, A club in Bordeaux . It was an event which took place every 3 weeks. T.M.R.W. had already made a very good impression, and shared decks with big International Trap Music names such as Aerochord, Tomsize, Flechette, 8er$, Laxx …
They also performed at the Social Club in Paris, sharing the stage with Snails and Troyboi.

Rémy (Beaxo) joined the duo “Tomorrow” IN late 2014, bringing a more human dimension on stage.
Mixing genre is always the subject, as the beatbox brings an undeniable hip-hop connotation, and produces powerful bass that is only found in Electro.

According to their music, they produce a refined Trap with deep basses and melodies like in « Fantasy » which uses video games sonorities or again « Banshee » in which Cokee Dee raps.

They also collaborated with Beat Dr1ver on specific track such as « Indiana Trap » a heavy, very lively and melodic sound with Indians chants on the back or again on « Head Burning ».

We also retain excellent remixes as one of the « Work » from Iggy Azalea (in collab with Beat Dr1ver) and even a heavy rework of « Loyal to the Game » by 2Pac.

Our Bordeaux guys have also released 3 mixes of 15 minutes or so, called TrapDoZ on which we can find big classics, less known tracks and especially Scratch and Beatbox.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the best tracks from TMRW according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Dr Jekyll »

2) « Indiana Trap »…/tmrw-x-beat-dr1ver-indiana-trap

3) « Put It Down »

Facebook and Soundcloud of TMRW


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