Spotlight on #15 : Tryple

It is time this week to turn the spotlight on this too littkle known artist who deserves success.

Here is Tryple !

This 17-year-old Italian is not at his first attempt. He has been producing music since 2013 under the name of « The Tryple ».

It seems that mid-2014, he decided to start again with a clean slate, erasing this Soundcloud account and his tracks, to start the « Tryple » project on new bases.

This new account is now followed by 13K people.
Unfortunately, We find no trace (even on youtube) of his former tracks anymore, Including a remix of « Lion » from Ray Volpe or again one of « Set Me Free » by Jarvis.

He’s also member of the Pizza Rumble artists’collective founded last year, that signs many small artists but also some better known DJ’s such as Ablaze or Kanevsky.

This label is very varied and offers huge Dubstep as well as Future Bass.

Despite his young age, he is still supported by big names like Virtual Riot, Protohype and even Razhiel. His rapid ascent can maybe let us hope a show in France soon !

He mainly produces very melodic and violent Glitch-Hop or Brostep tracks as testify musics such as « Digital Dreams » or again « Marosim » respectly reposted by DubstepGutter & Drop the Bassline.

He also enjoys playing with the BPM of his tracks like in « Slot Machine », a well-melodic and very rousing Trash Electro track including Dubstep sonorities which makes it very heavy with a 2nd Dubstep drop which goes again into Electro.

Same technique in « Parallel Universe » a very violent and melodic Glitch-Hop track with a 2nd even more violent Dubstep drop.

Special mention for « Taiyaki » (remix of Underscores) the kind of sound which spins out of control but which we love !

Same thing for « Freefall » which starts with a very calm and melodic intro and kicks you in the face with its drop !!
Among his discography, we so find a Trap track « Blaze It » with Dubstep sonorities.

He is also known for collaborations with many artists of his register, especially Chime with whom he released « Shooting Stars », a track with many musical phases interrupted by ultra-violent ones.
We also retain « Ex Machina », a very heavy track in collab with Extra Terra and finally 2 collabs with Sex Whales with an angry Dubstep remix of « How to Save a Life » by The Fray, or again « Flight Mode » a heavy Brostep track.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the best tracks from Tryple according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Journey »

2) « Shooting Stars »

3) « Edge of Tomorrow »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Tryple


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