Spotlight on #14 : Skyloud

What is wonderful with electronic music is that it is accessible for everyone.

Skyloud expresses this accessibility well because from all of his 15 years of age, he has already produced monstrous tracks.

Our young artist comes from a small town in the middle of Romania.
After starting his career on January 16 2015, he is already followed by 11K people on Soundcloud.

He is also a member of the duo Zetta, created a little while ago, on which he collaborates with Deltabot.
They have made 2 tracks « Playground » (in collab with Detrace) and « Greensleeves », two heavy and very melodic tracks .

He is in favor of free music since he has released many tracks on the Kill the Copyright label (see Spotlight on #2) such as his tracks under Zetta or his track « Barbary Coast » in collab with Said.

On his own, Skyloud offers a very melodic and angry Brostep as we like it. Special quote to « Waterfront » which starts with a guitar intro going into huge Brostep, then speeding up the BPM on the second drop. It finishes on a last very violent Brostep drop .

We also notice « Panic », his remix of Phantom Sage & Detrace with a very melodic first DnB drop and a second Dubstep as melodic as the first one.

Skyloud has made himself known with his important number of collabs with many various artists such as his Brostep remix of « He’s a Pirate » (based on the theme from « Pirates of the Caribbean ») with the French duo Extra Terra.

He changes a bit of tone on « Invincible » in collab with Monxx on which his influence is omnipresent.
We also notice his huge and violent collab with Trinergy : « Lost in Network », released on the Firepower Records label.

He has also collaborated with Our Enemies on the track « Badwagon » on which the two producers bring out a great dynamic atmosphere through a huge Brostep track.

We can also find two promo mixes on his Soundcloud:

The first one of 15 minutes « Promo Mix 2015 » is the very first mix he made. He strings together more or less quiet Brostep tracks with nice transitions. We mainly find his productions such as « He’s a Pirate » or again his remix of « Senses Overload » of Teminite in collab with Eh!de.

The second « Promo Mix & Friendz » is an entirely Brostep mix of 30 minutes in which we hear tracks from Ktc (« Plunder », « Greensleeves »), some of his tracks (« Cosmic Cat », « Poltergeist ») and even exclusive tracks of Mythril and Stabby. Released 2 months after his first mix, we do feel a distinct progress on his transitions.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the bests tracks from Rido according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Poltergeist »
2) « Pixel Pirate »
3) « Lost in Network »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Skyloud


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