Bass Interview #9 : KJ Sawka

Stoner Music has succeed to get an interview from the famous KJ Sawka particulary known by his implication in Pendulum and Destroid and also by his huge number of collaborations with a lot of artists.

1- Who are you ? What means your scene name « KJ Sawka » ?

I’m 1/3rd human, 1/3rd alien and 1/3rd robot.
Kevin Joseph Sawka is my full name. Sawka, I believe comes from the Ukraine and Austria.

2- What is your favorite genre of Bass Music and what do you like the most in this genre ?

My favorite style lately has been the hybrid of Trap and Dubstep. Some people call it ‘Trap n Bass’.

I like the intense production elements of Bass Music and the social scene. People love their Bass Music.

3- What makes you started to produce Drum’n’Bass ? Do you play others instruments and have you already practiced music before ?

I heard DnB in 1996 and it blew my mind. After hearing it, I shut everything else off and worked solely on it for years.

Besides the drums I play keyboards, piano, bass and all kinds of percussion.

I stared at 12 years old and practiced 8 hours a day for like 10 years solid.

4- Everybody knows you as THE artist with drums, how did you get the idea to combining drums and Bass Music ?

Any style of music I do starts with the drums. Drums are my center and they help guide my existence. So, its just a natural thing for me to combine drums with my productions.

5- Do you take more pleasure to play real drums on stage or to play with your octapad ?

I like doing both. With the octapad, its more of a DJ style vibe which has its own set of awesome things going for it.

Playing the drum set is a whole different animal and the crowd reacts differently to it. I really get equal satisfaction from doing both.

6- In which city or country do you dream to play in ?

I’ve played in almost ever country on earth except Madagascar. I would love to play there.

7- Do you have a funny anecdote of something happened during a show ?

When Pendulum was playing in Russia there was a huge bonfire in the middle of the crowd in an arena. I thought I was gonna die … I just kept playing… Apparently that’s normal for Russian shows. I lived !

 8- How does the idea of Destroid has risen ? Is it a common idea from Excision, Downlink and you or is it Excision who contacts you for this project ?

Yeah Jeff (Excision) hit me up about the project. Jeff and Sean (Downlink) came up with the initial concept and I helped take it all to the main stage. Its a real collaborative effort.

9- The Stoner Music crew came to see you at the last Animalz in France, what was your feelings about this party ?

Animalz was one the best parties I have ever played in my life and would fucking love to do it again. Like every year !

10- And about Destroid, can we hope a new album or new tracks soon ?

We have lots of stuff ready to go, its just a matter of time …

11- Do you also take part to the production of Destroid’s tracks or you just play live with the band ?

Yeah, we all do the writing. The first album was mostly written before I came on board but I helped a lot.

12- Which artists inspire you the most ?

Phil Collins, Journey, Adele, David Guetta, Zedd, Porter Robinson, Riot.

13- You made many tracks in collaboration, with which artist take you the most pleasure to produce a track ?

Collaborating with Pendulum is some of my favorite stuff. LaMeduza as well.

A fairly new collaborator Aaron Daniel is a wicked dude to work with and is one of the most talented dudes on the planet. ill.Gates is amazing to work and we have a lot of fun.

14- Do you have an artist with who you dream to work with ?

Phil Collins. Life Goal.

15- You made many lives with ill.Gates, what is your best memory of party with him ?

Shambhala festival was one of the best shows and fun times with Dylan.

Plus every Shambhala is his birthday so we celebrated the whole weekend !

16- Do you have projects in progress ? An EP ?

I have like 10 projects in the works. On my record label Impossible Records, I have an EP with Aaron Daniel coming out in April. ill.GATES and I have our Unsung Heroes Remix album out soon, I have a remix and tour with Mr. Bill in March.

I have a wicked drum project called Blood Drums coming out in the fall.

A collaboration with Architekt coming out in April and tons of other exciting stuff !

17- What is the track which you are the proudest ? The one which ask you the most of work ?

I’m pretty proud of « Right Movement » with Miss Krystle. It went to number one in two categories.

ill.GATES and I put in loads of work into our « Unsung Heroes » single and it hit number one as well. We worked so hard and were very happy with how everything turned out.

18- What do you expect for the future of KJ Sawka ?

Pumping out tons of new music on Impossible Records including other EDM genres and playing massive shows globally.

19- Do you plan another music projects except Bass Music ?

We might put out some House, DnB, Glitch, Electro, Hip-Hop and other styles on the label.

I’m also in an Acid Jazz band called AriSawkaDoria and we are about to record our sophomore album.

20- To conclude this interview, do you have any words for the french Dubstep family ?

Big love to the French dubstep family. You guys help make the world go round.

Can’t wait to rock with you again and head bang till our faces bleed.

You guys have some of the largest mosh pits for dubstep I have ever seen.
Big up France and kisses to all you lovely Frenchies!

All the Stoner crew is very proud of this interview and thanks a lot KJ Sawka for his answers and all these informations !

Facebook and Soundcloud of KJ Sawka 

Listen « Wild Fire » from KJ Sawka !


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