Spotlight on #13 : Rido

This section usually introduces Dubstep or Trap artists. However, this week, we have decided to talk about Drum’n’Bass.

Pavel Rido comes from Prague, in Czech Republic. He was initially brought to electronic music after being exposed to the heavy beats of The Prodigy.

In 2004 he moved to Sydney to study sound engineering. After coming back to Prague, he started to focus on making music full-time.

He produces his first track « Life is Strange » for the Dutch label Fokus Recordings, on which he collaborateD with Spikey Tee who sing on the track.

Since then, he kept flooding his soundcloud with tracks or clips. He is more centered on Neurofunk as testify productions such as « Hard as Life » which he starts with a very orchestral intro, as well as « Not Givin’ In » his remix of Freq Nasty.

He has also produced more minimalist sounds such as his remix of Mikal : « The Chant » or his track « Core ».

We also retain more gentle tracks which make us think of Liquid LIKE « Back to the Future » and also his remix « She Don’t Dance » of Fridge Magnets.

Rido has also collaborated with very influential artists from the DnB scene as « Exploration » with Prolix or again « Thunderbolt » with Black Sun Empire.

Recently, he has even released an EP, in full collaboration with Mefjus. Both artists signed 4 unusual violenT tracks in DnB.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the bests tracks from Rido according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Icarus Project »

2) « Optimum Trajectory »

3) « Hard as Life »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Rido


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