Spotlight on #12 : Phantom Sage

Directly coming from Colorado, Phantom Sage is one of these future prodigies.

In fact, from all of his 17 years of age, the latter has already reached 10K followers on soundcloud though he has shared his work for only a year.

He defines himself as someone who «spends most of his time outside of school focusing on music production and DJ-ing ». He spent 7 years refining his craft before releasing his music.

Phantom Sage owes part his fame to very influential youtube channels such as MA Dubstep or again which have not hesitate to post some of his productions like « Where we Belong », a very huge Brostep angry track as we like it.

He also worked with the Kill the Copyright label (see Spotlight on #2) on which he released « PLUNDER » in collab with Omar Varela (DatPhoria), a huge and very violent Brostep track with a pirate ambiance particular to Omar, and « Panic » with Detrace (9K followers on Soundcloud) with whom he produces a heavy Brostep track enlivend by machine guns.

As a whole, he remains an artist who bases his music on big and violent melodies as testify musics as « Liftoff » or again « Scared » on which he used an 8Bit melody for melodic phases in the intro, middle and the end.

Still in this register, he has also collaborated on a very violent and melodic Trash Electro music with Panda Eyes named « ID ».

His famous remix of « Keep Going » by Panda Eyes and DatPhoria in collab with Velibus also held our attention. We feel a lack of experience on the mastering but it is important to notice that it is the first track that he released and since, these gaps have been filled.

Although he is an amateur of violence, he also made few Brostep songs that go outside of this register such as « Miko », « Pink Skies » or « One Day » in collab with Sex Whales.
On these tracks, he proposes a quieter, sweeter and more bewitching music than usual.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the best tracks from Phantom Sage according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Before I Go »
2) « Rupture VIP »
3) « PLUNDER »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Phantom Sage


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