Bass Interview #8 : Brig

After his venue last month at the Batofar, Stoner Music made an interview to make you learn more about this artist !

1- Who are you ? Why did you choose the name « Brig » ?

My name is Artem Zlobin. I was born and raised in Russia. Now I live in the city of Yekaterinburg. I’m 26.
I chose this name because it is very cool and sonorous. Also, this name gives a hint on the pirate theme in my music.

2- You often make reference to the pirate world, why did you chose to base many of your melodies on it ?

I like a pirate theme. I think that based on it can create an infinite number of diverse music. It inspires me.

3- What do you do as work or studies ?

Now I’m trying to make money with my music. And so I do not have regular work. Only music.

4- What are your hobbies ? Do you have any passion except music ?

Yes, I enjoy video games. They also inspire me. I can list a few favorites : Binding Of Isaac, Pixel Piracy, Quake Live.

5- In which city or country do you dream to play in ?

I would like to visit New Zealand. Really like nature of this country. Open air show in New Zealand will be great !

6- Do you have a funny anecdote of something happened during a show ?

Last Halloween I played in Alba, Italy. Since I did not sleep two days before the show because of the inconvenient flight times.

At the beginning of my play, I mixed up all the buttons on cdj-players and played two tracks without mixed. The reaction of the audience was negative. Now I’m going to play my sets only after a good rest. 😀

7- Let’s talk Bass Music, how did you discover this style ? How developed is the scene in Russia ?

I learned about Bass Music with release of the first big album by Skrillex. The Russian Bass scene is now in decline. Basically dominated commercial parties with the classical dance styles like Progressive House and others.

8- What is your favorite Bass Music subgenre and what to do you like the most in this one ?

I do not have favorite style in Bass Music. I like very different Bass tracks. But most importantly, that in Bass track was a great idea and big melodic line.

9- What makes you started to produce Dubstep ? Do you play instruments or have you already practised music before ?

I began to create Dubstep because in this genre I can fully realize my ideas. I do not know how to play any instrument. I make music only with mouse and keyboard.

10- Which artists have inspired you the most ?

Scooter brought me into the world of Electronic Music. As a child I had a lot of cassettes with his recordings. Now I am inspired by the young, unknown producers. Only from them can really hear something new.

11- Except Bass Music do you listen to another genres ? Not especially in Electronic Music

Except bass music I listen Pop music and OST’s from big movies. Because it is necessary to listen big masters.

12- On your last EP you totally changed the register of your music, how did this idea occur to you ?

This EP is created for diversity of my creative work and rest from the heavy bass. Of course I’ll come back to Bass Music soon.

13- Do you have projects in progress ? A new EP ?

Yes, now I am working on a new 4 tracks Dubstep EP. Also have a collaborative work in progress.

14- What is the track which you are the proudest ? The one which asks you the most of work ?

I have a lot of tracks that I’m really proud. But I want to highlight two tracks. « Bottle Of Rum », this is the most popular track by me. « Megalomania », this is the best melodic intro I made.

15- What do you expect for the future of Brig ?

I expect more exciting releases in very different pirate styles. And a large number of parties with Brig around the world in future.

16- Do you plan another music projects except Bass Music ?

Yes, I have one idea. But its implementation will take a long time. While I cannot say what it is.

17- Last month you played for the first time in Paris, what does it mean for you ?

For me it’s a great event. Since the party was a success at 100%, all were satisfied. I have received a large number of contacts. In Paris, people is really amazing.

18- We heard that it was your third show abroad, you are producer since a long time, why don’t you play more in live ?

I have been creating electronic music since 2003. Before the project « Brig » I did really strange music that only liked me. So I did not have success, and could not collect the necessary number of listeners.

Now I create an understandable music and have a sufficient number of fans for the organization show. Therefore, in the near future, hope I will play as DJ often.

19- To conclude this interview, do you have any words for the french Dubstep family ?

Yes, the French Dubstep family is amazing. I was impressed by one thing. An hour before the show, people already had their own dubstep partys on the street with a boomboxes in anticipation of the main party. I hope to meet you again this year.

Thanks for the interview !

Facebook and Soundcloud of Brig

Listen « Bottle of Rum » from Brig !


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