Spotlight on #9 : Gawtbass

Although Gawtbass is one of the actual pillars of Hybrid Trap, an article on this various faces artist had to be written.

Indeed he’s already followed by 57.7K people on soundcloud but he also has 3 other musical projects.

He is the one behind productions from Eruku (19K), Xjado (18K) or again G$POT (6.700).

This virtuoso comes from Chicago , USA. Before Bass Music, he played in many bands and played various instruments as the Guitar, Cello, Percussions …

After these musical experiences, he decided to take things to the next level and dived into the world of Bass Music & Electronic Dance.

In 2013, he started to produce Trap tracks such as « Prodigy » which brings out a heavy atmosphere while remaining calm, or again his collab with Aero Chord « Secret » with a piano intro and deep basses.

He also produced a Dubstep track in collab with Sex Whales : « Pirates » which is a very violent Brostep track whose name sums up perfectly the music.

Gawtbass signs on some of the major labels like Kannibalen Records or High Intensity Records and take it to the top OF THE Beatport charts and « The EDM Network » (

This producer distinguishes himself from the others by juggling between 4 aliases.

Eruku offers a mystical Hybrid Trap based on sonorities FROM japanese instruments (very present on « Kasai ») or again sounds of katanas which we can hear on « Sensei », which is a huge Hybrid track.

His third project, Xjado, is more oriented towards a dark and sick Trap as testify tracks like « Cryptic » and « Nocturnal ».

Regarding G$POT, it is a project more centred on Trap with Rap on top. By the way, it is Gawtbass who takes care of the production and rap.

We particulary notice « Conflict », a track with a deep instru and many growls.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the bests tracks from Gawtbass according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Nightfall »
2) « Old School »
3) « The Beast »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Gawtbass


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