Bass Interview #7 : Funtcase

From Bournemouth, England, James lost count of his tracks that made a mark on this music circle and which will remain set in stone forever.

From « Predator » to « 50 Caliber » via his remix of « Squid Attack », this 29-year-old producer has all the bass addicts dream with an exceptional sound design and an overflowing energy behind his three decks !

We wanted to know more about this production genius !! 
Enough with the small talk, make way for the Funtcase Bass Interview !!!

1- How did you choose Funtcase as a stage name ? Does it have a particular meaning ?

I really didn’t think I would make it in Dubstep, as I was originally a Drum and Bass artist called ‘DJ Dose’. Dubstep was newly around and people were talking about it. My friend had a Dubstep radio show and jokingly said I should make some dubstep dubplates for his show and I did it, just for fun.

Those tracks were « Gorilla Flex » and « Make Our Day ». I didn’t want anyone to know I had made these tracks so I made a stupid artist name to disguise it was me and of course, I didn’t actually expect to make it in Dubstep so I called myself FuntCase.

If you didn’t already guess…FuntCase is CuntFace (Switch the F and C around).

2- How would you describe yourself in every day life ? After all, we only know this crazy character behind his decks …

I’m actually a very chilled guy. I’m very family orientated, I love playing sports and Playstation. The crazy guy on stage and the crazy music I make really doesn’t reflect on my personality at all, it’s very much the opposite !

3- Why did you decide to wear a mask and why this one ?

On my first ever FuntCase set in my hometown, I was playing room 2 at the same time as the headliner in room 1. I played to 6 people, 4 of whom were friends ! Just before my set, one of my friends noticed a mask i had in my bag, which I had from a dress up party the day before … He dared me to wear it and it just kinda stuck as an idea.

4- What made you want to become a Bass Music producer?

I was ALWAYS a musician at heart. From the very first moment I touched a drum kit for the first time to the very first track I ever made on ‘Music’ on the Playstation, I was born to be a musician somehow.

I was in many bands before I actually took my making music on a computer seriously. It wasn’t until I tried making music more often that it slowly took over my band career.

I was in a reasonably successful local band called ‘Turnbuckle Treachery’ that had a lot of potential, but, the drummer left and it crippled us. I wasn’t in a band since then and i turned my time over to making music.

5- Are you interested in producing other styles of DnB like Crossbreed, Neurofunk or Jump-Up ?

I was originally a Drum and Bass producer as I previously said but it is SUCH a hard genre to produce and is SO hard to make a name for yourself in. I still make it on the side of my Dubstep though ! Just check my soundcloud for tracks like « Keep On Rockin » or « Hail ».

6- Last september at Dream Nation we heard a totally new set from you, was it a premiere in Paris ?

I hadn’t played in France for a while and I’d slowly built up a new set with all the dubs i’d been sent over my time away. My sets never stay the same, I try to switch them up as much as possible.

7- We can see you taking part in huge events such as EDC or Rampage, are there any other events or places you dream to play ?

I’ve actually played EDC and Rampage multiple times ! Those are such amazing shows … I would love to play EDC in Brazil or Puerto Rico though and would also love to play ULTRA.

8- In your entire career, do you think that there is a track that significantly increased your reputation/fame ?

I think the obvious answer is « 50 caliber », that track has stuck with my name since the second it was heard by the fans. We have even recently released FuntCase X 2fukdup long sleeves with that written on it !

9.-Who do you dream to play a B2B with ?

I would love to do a B2B with Skrillex. I know it’s an obvious answer but I think his energy on stage and his style and taste of angry dubstep would really merge well with mine.

10- Which track are you the proudest of ?

Probably the FuntCase Remix of « Requiem » by The McMash Clan. I had locked myself away for a while with no releases to improve my production skills and this was the first track I came back with. I spent so long on it’s sound and mixdown but it’s also the first time I’ve really ‘nailed’ a DNB track and i’m super proud of it.

11- If you had to choose 5 tracks that had made you vibrate the most this year, which ones would it be ?

Phiso – Jotaro
50 Carrot, Coffi & Soloman – New Presidents
Zomboy – Game Time (Barely Alive Remix)
(Anything by Trolley Snatcha)
Badklaat – Serious Sound

12- Is there a new producer in the Bass world of whose work you like and with who you would like to help become famous ?

Probably Phiso. He’s made arguably the biggest waves in 2015, with some of the biggest tracks of the year by far. He’s still very unknown but I really love his old school edge with a new school sound that he’s brought to the scene and would love to work with him sometime.

13- A few weeks ago you played at the « Virus » hosted by Bassrush with Ed Rush and The Upbeats and you played only a DnB set, do you enjoy playing DnB as much as Dubstep or do you have a preference ?

DnB is a lot more fun to mix, it’s faster paced and you can do quicker mixing. That being said, with Dubstep, it gives me the time to play the music AND do my crazy entertaining stuff so depends. DnB has always been in my heart though and really love playing it, maybe slightly more than Dubstep.

14- Have you already thought of creating a sideproject where you would produce another music style ?

I used to do a more experimental artist called ‘Haze’ where i wrote anyhting from Deep Dubstep to Garage, but it was never a serious project and i haven’t made anything for that alias for a while now, as i really want to concentrate on FuntCase.

15- At home, what do you listen to except Bass Music ? Can you give us examples of musics that you love ?

I actually don’t really listen to anything Bass Music wise apart from Drum and Bass sets by people like Sub Zero and Tyke. If im travelling, I like to listen to artists like Ed Sheeran and anything up to Pig Destroyer … Depends what mood i’m in.

16- After the remix of Destroid « Crusaders », can we hope one day for a collab with Excision ?

We’ve actually been talking about the idea although nothing has come of it just yet as I have a huge bunch of collabs I need to finish right now. Hopefully soon we can kickstart the collab and get people out there to see what insane destruction it would cause !

17- To conclude this interview, do you have any announcement to make ? Anything special to say to your fans ?

I would like to thank my fans who have stuck around during my more quiet release times, so much, as I try to lock myself away and improve my production skills. This new wave of music is coming and believe me … There’s lot of it !

Also, don’t forget to go and check out the FuntCase X 2fukdup long sleeve collaboration and the brand new limited edition DPMO starter hat on

The whole Stoner Music team wants to thank warmly James Hazell aka Funtcase (which is one of our idols, just a small reminder) who gave us the great honor of answering our questions for this new Bass Interview !!

We will see you very soon for an exclusive interview of that drummer with an atypical career…

Facebook and Soundcloud of FuntCase 

Listen « Scary Yikes Grrz » from FuntCase !


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