Spotlight on #8 : Kanevsky

After introducing you to most of Brostep artists in this chronicle, we chose this week to present you a heavier artist.

So here is Kanevsky.

This barely 17-year-old Italian artist is starting to break through this scene with his own sound design which is a kind of signature on his tracks.

He took interest in electronic music at the age of 9 by passion and decided later to be part of this industry.

In 2011, he released his first Electro and Progressive track under his real name (Oscar Quagliano) but in 2012, he decided to radically change and he did it so by modifying his stage name which became Kanevsky.

He also changed register to concentrate on Dubstep and Bass Music in general.

Since then, he has already got support from big artists like Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Helicopter Showdown or again Squnto and is followed by 3000 people on soundcloud.

He got his fans hooked with well-worked wobbles which we find on the most of his tracks.

This sound design is even on the first remix (and track) he released : « Old Skool » from Televisor.

He uses these sonorities to develop a violent Deathstep as testified to in his tracks « STFU ! » or again « MushBash » released on the Prime Audio label that even Code: Pandorum will remix.

Kanevsky has also done collabs with huge alike-style artists such as Soberts with whom he released « Chimera 271 » which mixes the usual sonorities from Kanevsky with the ones from Soberts and that results as super-violent which will be remixed by Nostalgia later.

This collab was also released on Prime Audio, on the Mystical Element EP of Kanevsky last April.

The Italian paired up with Lord Swan3x and Hazy Flow on the track « Berserk » in which the duo connects wobbles and machine guns.

Our artist also multiplies remixes like the one from the famous « Vancouver Beatdown » from Zomboy during a remix contest.

He produced an angry remix juggling with heavy Dubstep and Trap phases.

He produced a most violent Dubstep remix of « Rockstar » from Specimen A & Suffi as well as one of « Protection » from Dubscribe of which he did a heavy Deathstep remix with a second drop but going on Trap.

However he doesn’t only make ultra-violents tracks.

Kanevsky also produced Brostep sounds such as « Framework » which starts with Electro, then has a second Dubstep drop with 8 bits sonorities which reminds us of Savant.

We also noticed « Vinyl Flasks », a Midtempo/Glitch track, that perfectly mixes violence and melody, with a piano instru in the background, that ends with Drumstep.

This artist is also really good at Trap as proved to in « Take Me »: a huge Hybrid Trap track in collab with Drbblz & Tovr for Plenum Records.

In short, Kanevsky is an artist with many talents, able to produce different styles but always appending his mark.

Taking into account his young age, he is a producer that should be watched very closely and who will certainly be a major artist of this scene in a few years.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the bests tracks from Kanevsky according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Berserk »
2) « Xanadu »
3) « Electron »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Kanevsky


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