Spotlight on #6 : Kinphonic

Tomorrow night, Epic Fail Events & Wipeout Events are going to join forces to organise the venue of this unsung label (1900 followers) but which nevertheless manage some of the most influent artists of this scene.

Let me introduce you to Kinphonic, an English label founded by the end of 2011.

Successor of the former « Absence Agency », Kin was born from the willing to build a « brand » of electronic music to a new level.

The founders are Tommy Keeston (an accustomed of booking and management) and his friend Matthew Cavender (aka XKore).

They have only one motto : « We are Kin ! ».

Their roster of artists is one of the most diversified, going from House to Drum’n’Bass through Dubstep or Trap.

They are proud to choose the bests DJ’s and producers of the electronic scene and aim for their long-term success.

They provide the promotion of well-known artists such as XKore, Different Heaven, Droptek or Fox Stevenson but they are also looking for new talents which they can bet on like Chime and Jarvis.

Basically, Kin is a label more orientated on Brostep and very melodic Bass Music overall.

We can find heavy Drumstep with the « Taking Over » by Rob Gasser & Miyoki, as well as very violent Electro with Dubstep sonorities with Brig and his « Ready to Beat »; and even artists who are good at everything like Michael White who produces Progressive House but also Breaks and Dubstep.

We noticed an excellent Electro remix of the famous « Drop the Bomb » from Far Too Loud.

Recently, it’s even our local Ivory who released his track « Enemy No.1 » on the compilation « Heavyweight Vol.1 ».

We can feel on this mix that Kin pulls away from its habits in proposing heavy Riddim with tracks like « Outta Cage » of Samplifire X Evolve X Subsonic.

Consequently, this label is to be watched very very carefully considering the artists they have contributed to become famous all over the world.

(No top 3 this week, the tracklist of Kinphonic is so large that is impossible to choose only 3 tracks)

Facebook and Soundcloud of Kinphonic


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