Spotlight on #5 : Rocket

At Stoner Music, musicality always prevails, so we have decided to present you a very atypical artist. Here is Rocket !

This artist comes from Guadalajara, Mexico, and he really distinguishes himself from what is usually done in Trash-Electro.

Indeed, he is proud of being the precursor of a new style : the Death-Electro which can be defined as a mix between orchestral melodies using hard tones from Trash-Electro and the structures from Death-Metal.

For him, Electro culture in which he is immersed in Mexico, allows this association of different styles which seems so distant at the same time.

He considers it as a new way of musical expression to insert saturated guitar riffs with more broken rythm of Electro.

He released his first EP « Death … Cheers ! » at the end of 2010 and since then has continued to improve his musical virtuosity.

Among his big sounds, we can mention « Early Escalade » in which the Metal touch is totally asserted with a Screamo voice and heavy riffs, but we particularly notice « Exodium » which is certainly one of the most worked tracks of this artist.

Advert thing that makes him original is condensed in this music that is a magnificent orchestral intro, mixing violin and piano that turns quickly into Trash-Electro with Dubstep tones to end up on a Drum’N’Bass rythm.

Another interesting track : « My Beautiful Death » which mixes between Metal and very melodic Dubstep phases. We can feel a kind of inspiration from the Bloody Beetroots, especially on the track « Cult of Destruction ».

Crazy about Metal, he also tackles to a quite successful remix of the very famous « Peace Sells » of Megadeth or the « Goddamn Electric » from Pantera.

Nevertheless, Rocket doesn’t only make dirty and heavy tracks. It’s the case of « Creo » which is a Rap-based on a quiet Electro instru in collab with Fake Idol or also « Les Rèves de Baldr » which would be a kind of Nordic poem.

He even produced only orchestral tracks such « Eterna Lemuria » which remains truly bewitching. The Mexican has signed a few tracks on some labels, the biggest one being De Mars Records on which he released his very heavy « Sometimes Dead is Better ».

He’s also courted by smaller labels like Raversar which released « Suicide Letters » and even a mixtape.

Notwithstanding the cadence of release of his EPs, the pertinence of his music as well as the number of remixes he produces, success seems not to come to Rocket.

His soundcloud page only counts 1600 followers.

This number is to qualify by the fact that he seems to be a self-made man.

Most of his EPs releases weren’t promoted by any label and he mades very few collabs withs artists who could have helped him launch his career.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the bests tracks from Rocket according to the Stoner crew.

(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) « Exodium »
2) « Mortem »
3) « Peace Sells »

Facebook and Soundcloud of Rocket


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