Bass Interview #6 : Teminite

This week, it’s Teminite who gave us an interview ! In only two years, this young prodigy has already reached 60K followers on his soundcloud page and going more and more famous with his violent and melodic Drumstep !

1- Who are you ? Why did you choose the name « Teminite » ?

My name is Sam Norris, 18 years old from Devon, England. A few years back when I decided I wanted to start uploading the music onto the internet, I tried to come up with a alias name which was unique and suited the music I was making.

‘Teminite’ was the best name I could come up with, I created the word by combining the words ‘terminate’ and ‘termite’, and removing the ‘r’! The word previously didn’t exist anywhere on the internet, which was ideal!

2- What do you do as work or studies ?

At the end of July, last year, I completed the second year of my 2 year course studying full time Music Technology at Exeter College. Then, I decided to go down the path that I wanted to take, which was staying at home, writing/producing music full time, instead of going to University, like all my friends did.

3- What are your hobbies ? Do you have any passion except music ?

Well music is, and always will be my main passion of course. But I do enjoy sports, such as Football, Badminton and Table Tennis. I also very much enjoy spending time on the Xbox, especially the new Black Ops 3 game haha! I find that gaming can give me a nice break after a long session of producing.

4- In which city or country do you dream to play in ?

Well I haven’t played much at all in my career yet, I have had 2 shows in France, which were both amazing, and I’d absolutely love to do more ! But I guess It’s a goal for me to go to the USA, after all, over there is where the majority of my fans are based !

5- Is there a big artist who starts to take interest for your sounds and helps you to become more famous ?

I guess I could answer that question by mentioning the time when I won the Pegboard Nerds « Hero » remix competition. I was extremely excited and honored that the Pegboard Nerds had selected my remix above everyone else. Other than that, I have really just been working at building my following myself !

6-Do you think the winning of this contest had an impact on your career ?

Yes, most certainly ! I think that the moment I won that contest, it started the uprise of my career, which before that point had been progressing much slower.

7- Let’s talk Bass Music, what is your favorite style and what to do you like the most in this genre ?

I have to say the style I love most is Drumstep. Sometimes I feel like it has an edge over the 140bpm stuff because of the high (Drum and Bass) tempo. When making a tune, I often can create a lot more energy and hype if it is at high tempo’s like this, and I’m all about the energy !

8- What makes you started to produce Dubstep ? Do you play instruments or have you already practised music before ?

I have played the piano since I was very little, taught by my dad who conveniently is a piano teacher ! Then at the age of 8 I started playing the Alto Saxophone also. I grew up with a passion for improvising, and composing on the piano. I would sit at the piano for hours sometimes, just jamming and having lots of fun playing bluesy stuff.

In my school life I have played the Saxophone in many orchestra’s and bands, particularly playing Jazz music. 
In school, nearly 5 years ago I was introduced to Garageband, which I used to use to make compositions in. Then shortly after, 4 years ago a friend showed me FL Studio, which I instantly fell in love with !

By that time, I had found out about Dubstep, and couldn’t stop listening to it, and really wanted to have a go at making it. So I started to try and make bass music and house stuff in FL! Back then, my main inspirations were the artists Skrillex and Zomboy, they were the main reason why I started making that sort of thing.

9- And except Zomboy & Skrillex is there artists that have inspired you the most ?

I get so much inspiration from so many artists, if I were to name them all i’d be going for hours! But currently, the most significant are : Pegboard Nerds, Skrillex, Knife Party and Haywyre

10- Except Bass Music do you listen to another genres ?

Not especially in electronic music. I love to listen to anything and EVERYTHING ! As I have already mentioned, Jazz music is something I really enjoy. I also really listening to Metal sometimes, Dragonforce’s new stuff is a particular favorite of mine, and have a passion for epic orchestral music, and film music.

11- Do you have projects in progress ? An EP ?

I do indeed, I’m actually in the process of making a full length Album! 
Yes I am extremely excited for it ! I’m very proud of what I have done so far, and believe that the album will represent the very best of my abilities so far ! I don’t have a date, but I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of this month, then released at the end of January/beginning of February

12- What is the track which you are the proudest ? The one which asks you the most of work ?

I think at the moment, « Ascent » is my favorite piece of music I have written. 
The one that I spent the most amount of work on was probably my Pegboard Nerds remix, just because I wanted to win so, so badly. I worked soo many hours trying to make it as good as I could get it to be !

13- What do you expect for the future of Teminite ?

I hope that I can just keep on making my music better with every song I make, I would love to collaborate with some producers that inspire me, do more live shows and eventually play my music with live instruments to everyone! I’m currently writing something that involves my saxophone !

14- Do you plan another music projects except Bass Music ?

I have a huge desire to make orchestral music and music for film and/or games!

15- To conclude this interview, do you have any words for the french Dubstep family ?

The two shows I played in France were incredible, the vibes so positive, crowd so supportive and I loved every second of it. So stay awesome guys, much love !

Facebook and Soundcloud of Teminite

Listen« Stormbringer » from Teminite !


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