Spotlight on #2 : Kill the Copyright (KtC)

Founded last April by the boss of Dubstep Gutter, this Romanian label stands out from the other Electronic music labels.

As mentioned on their Facebook page, the goal is to release free music that can be used by anyone. Roughly speaking, sending the copyright go f**k itself !
Their slogan is « Free electronic music to use in your videos. All you have to do is give credits to our releases ».
Signing on KtC means that artists agree to do it for free and that their music can be used anywhere by anyone.
It has known a real craze because in only 7 months, this label is already followed by 24K persons on Soundcloud. It even overtook some of the most well-known labels such as Kinphonic (Xilent, xKore, Fox Stevenson…) which has only 600 followers.
Musically opened, KtC offers to promote Dubstep but not only. Trap, Drum&Bass and Electro/House/Big Room are also honoured.

Nevertheless, it’s not some of the most famous artists who release tracks on KtC.
We can find producers like MONXX (14K) with his track « Sleepless Nights » in collab with Wubbaduck (8K7) or Will & Tim (10K) with their sounds, inspired from video games.
The artists on this label are mainly Europeans and are predominantly unrecognized.
The most well-known is Extra Terra with their 14,5K followers or Tryple (12,3K). But unknown producers are also promoted by KtC like Zetta or VayHoz who both don’t exceed 450 followers.

Concerning music, we essentially find Brostep. Some artists are brilliantly combining styles like the « Crispy » from Will & Tim which goes from Dubstep to Trap including an Electro part. We will also remember the great « Gerudo Valley » which is a Drumstep remix from the music theme The Legend of Zelda. All this Dubstep is embellished by a few very violent Glitch-Hop tracks such as ColBreakz with his track « Twinrova ».
It seems like this vision of free music is primarily shared by melodic Dubstep producers. However, it’s only a matter of time before other producers follow the movement of Wubbaduck & Bleu Clair who released together « Crowd Control » – the only Bass House  track of the label at the moment.

As a conclusion, we have decided to give you a selection of 3 of the bests tracks from Kill the Copyright, according to the Stoner crew.
(This rating is purely subjective and not exhaustive, these are the sounds that got us vibrate the most).

1) Will & Tim – Songs of Storm
2) Phantom Sage & Omar Varela – PLUNDER
3) ColBreakz – Twinrova –

Facebook and Soundcloud of Kill The Copyright


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