Bass Interview #4 : Extra Terra

Today, Stoner Music presents Extra Terra ! Two French producers with stratospheric and epic productions : « Astrobot », « Fire of Turduu », many tracks that blow like a new wind on the French Dubstep ! Cinate Mindterra answers our questions and allows us to learn a little more about their music !


1- Who are you ? Why did you choose this stage name ?

We are two aliens, we came from a far away galaxy and we are doing a tourist journey on earth in human appearance. Logically this explains the origin of our name.

2- What made you choose the « Bass Music » ?
How did you came to become a producer ?

In fact, nothing specially predestined us to choose Bass Music. We began with psytrance then, we naturally oriented our productions to Bass Music, because this style allowed us to work in a more pointed way on the sound design. Actually, Extra Terra may do Bass Music for the moment, but it may as well become something else in the future, musically, we are really open-minded. Extra Terra is an eclectic project and always will.

3- What are your hobbies ? Except music, do you have a passion that takes some of your time ?

We love art, Huso designed almost all the covers for Extra Terra. We also love movies, video games, astrophysics, astronomy, politics, new technologies, listening to music, doing meditation and also observing humans … 😛

4- What would you choose between the U.S. and Japan ? Have you traveled to one of these places ?


Japan ! For the moment, we haven’t visited any of those two countries, but Japan seems to be such a quirky country, that would be a good reason to visit it !

5- Let’s talk about Bass Music, how do you draw your inspiration from ?

Inspiration usually comes from anything from the environment, movies, games, and our own madness. There is no limit !

6- Do you have a current project ? An EP in preparation ?

We are working on a lot of collabs and solo tracks for now, we are preparing our sets. After this, we’ll work on our upcoming EP.

7- What are your expectations about Extra Terra ? Do you have some different musical projects ?

As I said before, Extra Terra is an evolving and eclectic music project. We may quickly get bored concentrating on the same kind of things.
Our goal, when producing, is having fun, always doing the same thing is not very good for artistic evolution.

Facebook and Soundcloud of Extra Terra

Écoutez « Paradox » from Extra Terra ! 



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