Bass Interview #3 : Tha Trickaz

Before to assist a lot of fierceness on MPC saturday at the here i come with SBCR of The Bloody Beetroots, Stoner Music decided to interview the parisian duo with their anbu’s mask !!

1- Why did you choose Tha Trickaz as name ? Does it mean anything ?

« Tha Trickaz » comes from the English word « tricks ». It’s everywhere and in all areas in skateboarding, scratch, video games etc …
We, the tricks we made in our music!

2- How did you met ?

We were at school together, from the 6th.

3- What made you want to play together ?

Beings childhood friends, we did everything together, we saw the same movies, listen to the same music, even today !

4- What would you say if you had to describe one another ?

It is I Laurel, Hardy is you ! Everyone thinks he’s the boss Tha Trickaz, but the real boss is Oto Sensei !

5- The masks, the cloud .. You are the true fans of Naruto, or are you just inspired ?

Yes indeed, we are fan of kishimoto universe, hence masks, but the cloud is our version of « kinto » the magic cloud of Goku in Dragon Ball.

6- Can you tell us more about the hardware / software (s) used in the production ?

We centralizes everything on our computer with Cubase Studio.
So we use a lot of plug ins, samples, it also has analog and digital synths effects pedals, Korg MS20, IT viruses, SH101, Big Muff …

7- You have recently shot on the Hybrid Trap, you will still continue Dubstep ?

The hybrid Trap we love it and saw the collabs we did recently, it happened naturally. If you look after our last song « LGND » for example, was not too set any limits on the level style was not too guideline in fact, we like to discover and experiment.

8- Do you listen Bass Music or you are tapping your inspiration from other musical styles ?

We listen billions of stuff, which obviously bass music. But we always listened to Hip Hop, Electronic Music in general, film music and cartoons, traditional Asian music that influenced us greatly.

9- What artist(s) inspires you most ?

Ennio Morricone, Amon Tobin, Prefuse 73, Wu Tang.

10- Which artist (s) you would like to sign a new collaboration ?

Ennio Morricone, Amon Tobin, Prefuse 73, Wu Tang.

 11- You have traveled a lot through your tour, what better memory do you keep ?

Techno Parade 2014 !
To play at home, in the street, in front of hundreds of thousands of people it was just amazing !

12- The country, the city where you dream to play ?

Our dream has already made and it was in Vietnam ! And for every year we go back !

13- We find very often your little manga, you want to keep it for all your productions ? Have you ever thought about working on other themes ?

It is not always present in our productions, but who influences a lot like film music, Hip Hop and Asian sounds, this is an integral part of our musical universe. It has no rules for thematic if it pleases us, we can work it !

14- Do you take as much pleasure to play on stage that live Dj set with MPC ?

It’s two completely different delusions, we take the same pleasure in the two configs.
DJ set, we do not play our tracks, play vinyl mode Serato or Traktor, this is not a technical performance, and being able to mix full of different pieces is a real pleasure. While in live, it has a bigger config, with lots of different machines, we only play our songs and really highlights our universe through this performance.

15- Do you sometimes wish the new project different from each other ?

For the time with our group and our Otodayo label, it was downright more time. Pho is also in Dirtyphonics, it represents a lot of work.

16- IRaize what do you think about the recent exits productions of Dirtyphonics side ? Have you ever thought about a collaboration ?

Not being a fan of DnB in general I have to admit that even when the Dirtys are the kings.
And it is their ability to mix genres that make them so good, no matter the tempo or style of BassMmusic, we always recognize the sound of Dirtys.
Regarding the collab, Pho should rather ask if it is not weird to do a collab with himself.

17- And finally, after releasing « Cloud Adventure » there are now more than 4 years can we expect a new album soon ?

It’s funny, our manager asks us the same question as every day now. There are many tracks that have not necessarily their place in 1 album and recently we opted out of the singles. E.P. or album coming soon …

We thank a lot Pho and Iraize to accord us this interview and we give you an appointment soon for the bass interview #4 !!

Facebook  and Soundcloud  of Tha Trickaz

Écoutez « Hood Bodega » de Tha Trickaz !


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