Bass Interview #2 : Dack Janiels

21, international concerts, already several ep where he demonstrates that he mastered with ease several style (Trap, Dubstep, Hybrid ..), he even now his own style, the Dackstep.

Everything seems to succeed in Tanner Chung aka Dack Janiels today answered questions from Stoner music shortly after the start of his tour « the Dacksquad Tour » started on August 27.

1- Who are you ? Why this choice of stage name ?

My name is Tanner Chung, but you guys might know me better as « Dack Janiels »

2- Did you hesitate between Dack Janiels and any other name ?

I wouldn’t say hesitate, but I did play around with a few other aliases, however Dack Janiels was my original soundcloud name back in high school.

3- Why have you chosen Bass Music, what made you want to become a producer ?

I originally started making Hip Hop beats when I was a teenager, but when all the heavy stuff from guys like Funtcase and Excision dropped, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

4- How do you see the Bass Music evolution in the next years ?

I see Bass Music’s quality going up more than anything. The mixdown are getting better and the sounds are getting crazier !!

5- As a producer, did you sounds other than Bass Music sounds ?

Yes ! I’ve actually been expanding my production quite a bit this past year. I probably have 25+ unreleased tunes where I focused a bit more on melody than dirty basses.

6- What were your goals when you started producing ? Have changed ?

When I first started producing, I really didn’t think it would ever become a career for me. My main goal was simply to keep learning as much as possible. Today, I’m still learning every single day with the additional goal of keeping my fans hyped for new releases !

7- Is there a place or country you’re dreaming of playing in ?

Paris was my dream destination and one of my favorite cities, but now that I’ve played there I would love to play Amsterdam. I’m a stoner at heart haha.

8- What is the artist who inspires you the most ?

This is a hard one. From a Bass Music perspective- Excision 100%. Seeing the scale that he’s put Bass Music onto is insane. Seeing him perform at Coachella a few years ago still remains my most memorable live show.

Outside of Bass Music, I’ve always felt a connection with Chief Keef. Seeing how someone in his position blow up is daily inspiration to work hard and not have any excuses.

9- Is there any French artists you like a lot ?

Definitely ! Last time I played Paris I had a chance to meet Samplifire and Ganon. Those dudes make some BANGERS !

10- Any message for your french groupies ?

France, you guys go hard as fuck ! Big thanks for your guys massive support from the start ❤ love you all and can’t wait for my next return !

11- If You could do a collaboration with an artist of your choice what would it be ?

My mega-dream collab would be with Funtcase/Excision and would feature vocals from Gucci Mane.

12- Right now, what are your favorite sounds ?

I’ve really been digging some of the more experimental stuff from guys like Trampa. I actually heard some new stuff from p0gman the other day that is gonna make people go absolutely bonkers !! Also really been digging some of the more Hybrid Trap stuff- be sure to check out my homie AB The Thief … He’s been fucking crushing it lately !

13- What are you thinking about soundcloud’s problems ?

I don’t really have any issues with them at the moment. That being said, I really hope they resolve the copyright shit soon so people can keep using its wonderful platform.

14- Do you think that’s its gonna become harder for the less known producers to became someone without these apps ? 

Yes and no. Sure, soundcloud might be the main platform at the moment- but with new stream services popping up every day, it won’t be long before a new one takes over.

15- On Youtube, your Midnight Tyranosaurus’s remix is the one with the highest number of views… Does it have a special story ?

Definitely ! Jason (Middy T) is a good buddy of mine and had me do the remix while we were on tour together last year. I originally just made it sorta like an intro tune for my sets and uploaded it onto Soundcloud for free. Having Excision rep it out in his sets was a huge honor, he’s 100% of my main inspirations !

16- Do you have any anecdotes that you remenber about a production you did ?

Hmm. I think writing my tune Gucci Polo with p0gman is one of the funniest times. He was staying with me while he visited Los Angeles and we pretty much joked around and messed with each other the whole time.

17- Is there a special thing that really shocked you during a show ?

I think seeing how hard Paris bass fans go to dubstep is one of the most amazing sights a person can see.

18- What is your equipment for production, what software did you use ?

I use Ableton along with Massive/Serum for the bulk of my basses. Also occasionally use Reason for some of my wonkier sounds!

19- What would you answer to DeadMau5 when he says that DuBstep time is over ?

I respect the fuck outta Deadmau5. Dude is a production wizard and is insanely talented. That being said, I’d probably just offer him a 40oz.

20- Did you have any projects, an EP in preparation ?

I’ve pretty much been at work every day since my last EP working on new tunes for my next release. Can’t give too many details at the moment, but get ready for some different shit along with some of the heaviest Dack you’ve ever heard! 

Many thanks Tanner, you’re a great guy ❤🙏🏼

Facebook  and Soundcloud of Dack Janiels

Listen « Trees » from Dack Janiels !


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